Daily Grill Comes To Great To Cook Up Corn Beef Sandwiches

With St. Paddy's day just around the corner, Great Day wants to help you prepare a holiday favorite.

The crew welcomed Daily Grill General Manager Stephen Verlarde to the Great Day Kitchen Thursday to whip up hand carved Corn Beef Sandwiches.

Verlarde will also be on hand to promote the restaurants newest commercial contest.

Daily Grill restaurants are launching a contest where participants may use their video camera, film gear, DVD equipment or even their cell phones to produce their own video commercial promoting Daily Grill.

The grand prize winner will be presented with $4,000/ $1,000 gift card. The first runner up will earn $2,000 cash/$500 Daily Grill gift card while the third place finisher will receive $1,000/$250 gift card.

You can enter the contest at .

Here's the recipe to Verlarde's Corn Beef Sandwiches:

Hand Carved Corn Beef Sandwich

Cooking Corn Beef Brisket

5-6 Lb. Corn Beef Brisket - Deli Trim (lean)

3 gal Water

1/2 gal Beer - domestic tap

2 cups Pickling Spice

Step 1 - Place water, beer and pickling spice in large pot and bring to boil. Place corn beef brisket in boiling water and cook for 3 hours till "fork tender".

Step 2 - Take corn beef out and place on cutting board. Trim any additional fat - should already be very lean already.

Corn Beef Sandwich - Made to Order

12 oz. Corn Beef - sliced 1/4" to 3/8" thick against the grain

2 ea Rye Bread - fresh

2 Tbl Butter - sweet unsalted

2 Tbl Dijon Mustard

1/4 cup Pickles (deli style) - sliced in rounds 1/4" thick (about 8 to 9 slices)

Step 1 - On each slice of Rye Bread, first spread butter 'coast to coast' and then spread Dijon Mustard 'coast to coast'. Then on one slice of Rye place the pickles to cover the bread.

Step 2 - Then place sliced Corn Beef on top of the pickles, then close the sandwich up. Place two sandwich picks and cut on a slight bias. Serve with Potato Salad (check w/restaurant for current options)