St. Jude Spotlight: 9-year-old Tripp

Miracles do happen at St. Jude and Tripp from Tennessee is living proof.

Medical miracles happen at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

FOX26 News Reporter Rich Rodriguez introduces us to Tripp from Tennessee who doctors thought wouldn't live to see summer.

Parents and patients will tell you that miracles happen at St. Jude.

In this feature, we're going to meet the mother of nine, whose 4-year-old son Tripp has an incredible story.

Tripp has battled acute myeloid leukemia for more than a year.

Tripp is the seventh of mom Terri's nine children. "I've completely turned my back on my other children at home and moved here. I've been here for a little over 14 months. It was complete shock, complete devastation, horrific nightmare," said Terri. "As soon as we got here they were on top of it. They were moving quickly not wasting anytime and they were treating it very aggressively," she said.

But chemo and radiation weren't making a difference for Tripp.

His oldest sister was a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant... but it didn't work. Trippls doctor wasn't optimistic. "He told me over the phone that we could stay at home and give him a quality of life and he's had 1-3 months to live and not be here by summer or we could go to a second transplant and most likely he would be in ICU and never come back," said Terri. "God gave us St. Jude as a tool, to give us hope and God works in these hallways because there's sometimes where medicine cannot fix it," she said.

Tripp received a second transplant from a different sibling, and this time it worked. "I said, 'Tripp, come here, I have to tell you something.' He said, 'What?' and I said, 'Baby all your cancer is gone.' He says, 'Ma, I already know.'"

Terri said, "It's people like those parents who are still at home who have children that are well who give to places like St. Jude. They give us hope that we don't have to worry about a single bill. Because God forbid if you ever have to be in my shoes you're in the best place to be."

Miracles do happen at St. Jude and Tripp from Tennessee is living proof.

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