Fresno Co. Superintendent Honors St. Anthony's Student

Luke Orlando Honored

This month we want to spotlight a student at Saint Anthony School in Fresno who saw a member of the community in need and decided to help.

Because of his efforts Luke Orlando is the newest superstar for the Fresno County Office of Education.

Luke Orlando is a fifth grader at St. Anthony School in Fresno. His uncle is a firefighter with the Fresno Fire Department.

In late March, Luke's uncle's Fire Captain Pete Dern suffered life threatening burns when he fell through a roof while fighting a house fire. Days after the accident, Luke wanted to do something to help.

Luke said, "Pete was his captain and they were like really good friends and I thought he needed a lot of money because it's expensive to pay for the health."

Luke went to his teacher and asked to put together a fundraiser for Captain Dern. Students who paid $1 could come to school for a day in casual wear instead of their uniforms.

Teacher Martha Peerson said, "I think to be 9 and 10-years-old in the fourth grade and be able to see a need that's not just small in your little tiny school but outside of it is pretty phenomenal."

St. Anthony with an enrollment of just over 600 students raised $1,600 to help a firefighter who was hurting.

Fresno fire did more than come by and pick up the check; the department made it a show and tell day.

"It was really fun. The fire trucks came and all the kids were going in it seeing all the stuff that they use," said Luke.

On Thursday Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, Jim Yovino, added Luke Orlando to his list of superstars.

"I just feel so amazingly grateful for what you've done. You restore the faith that kids are doing the right thing in our community," said Superintendent Yovino.

Congratulations Luke!