Fresno Co. Superintendent Honors Selma Man

Fresno Co. Superintendent Honors Selma Man

During his teens, Juvencio Andrade was part of Selma High's "Bigs" program and earned the 2015 High School Big Brother of the Year recipient.

Today he works part-time for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central California, while he attends Fresno City College.

He is also a Big Brother mentor to two kids.

Because of his efforts he is the newest 'Superstar for the Fresno County Office of Education'.

Andrade's passion is shaping the minds of young kids and making sure they remain on the right path.

He says, "My task is to help kids. So I can guide them and they won't make the mistakes that others made. I made a couple of mistakes in my life too and I don't want them to experience that. I want them to be a better person growing up and have a better future."

As a young kid, before moving to Selma Andrade grew up in the small town of Salinas.

He says daily he was pressured to join gangs and sell drugs.

So, when he moved to Selma while in high school he wanted to help younger kids.

Andrade, you are a Superstar, selected by Superintendent of Fresno County Schools Jim Yovino.