Germs and your kids' gym clothes

Germs and your kids' gym clothes.

There aren't many things worse than kids smelly gym clothes, and if you don't keep them clean, it just keeps getting worse.

As a mother of student athletes, Cynthia Lopez is all too familiar with smelly gym bags, and dirty socks.

She says this time of year, the laundry piles up.

According to microbiologist Charles Gerba, sweat can stay in clothing, feeding odor-causing bacteria, and that is especially true for the synthetic fabric in most gym clothing.

Gerba says it's important to wash gym clothes separately, and often.

From specialty washers and dryers, to specific detergents, keeping the gym clothes clean and fresh is as important as keeping kids involved in after school activities.

"The more involved they are the less likely they are to get into trouble. It just keeps them involved. They learn how to balance athletics and academics. It's a good combination for them," Cynthia says.