Security Is At Risk If Your Garage Door Opener Is 20 Years Old

If your garage door opener is twenty years old{}your home security could be compromised.{}{}This week on{}the KMPH Ten O'clock News{}we told you about a Fresno homeowner who bought a new garage door and opener. {} But when he pressed the remote his neighbor's door opened too.

New technology created by Liftmaster openers can also trigger older systems built in 1993 or before.{} John Frazier of Central Valley Overhead Door in Fresno recommends changing the older unit.{} "Those units sometimes will develop a defect where the garage door will open if your neighbor purchased a brand new garage door opener that has My-Q Technology with the remotes."

My-Q Technology also triggers garage door openers built in 1993 and before.{} Those systems lift older garage doors some made of wood that go straight up.

Frazier says the simple solution is to replace the unit to keep your garage and home secure.{}"You can no longer get parts for it and that unit did not have the infra-red detection safety bears on each side of the garage door that was designed to protect children."

Garage door openers start in the low 100 dollar range.{} Installation is extra.{} John Frazier says the complaint by Thomas Markinson is the first he's received.{} But if it happened once in Fresno{}the likelihood is it could happen again.