Yosemite National Park: Teen Swept Over Waterfall

Millions of people visit Yosemite National Park every year, but this weekend park rangers fear one tourist, a nineteen year old, saw its majesty for the last time.

"It's such shocking news to me, because it is such a beautiful landscape, it's incredible that such an accident can happen," said one park visitor.

"Sometimes the water looks like it may be calm, but right under the surface it can be very strong," said Kari Cobb, who works at the park.

Church members say they saw 19-year-old Aleh Kalmen go for a swim about 150 feet from Nevada Fall

They didn't see him again.

"Yosemite is very wild, we do have a lot of water falls and a lot of cliffs," Cobb warns.

And while the drop is steep, park rangers say it's up to visitors to exercise caution when they visit.

"There are signs that state, 'do not try to swim in the water, it can be potentially dangerous.' Unfortunately, some people see those signs or they don't read those signs, and they go in either way."

While Aleh's church group prays for a miracle, park rangers say it's not likely.

"Nevada Fall is a nearly 600 foot drop. We do believe it is impossible to survive a fall like that," Cobb says.

If that's true, Aleh is the third person to lose their life at Yosemite National Park this year.

Park officials have temporarily closed Mist Trail, so ground teams can search the area below the falls.