Changes Coming To Yosemite To Preserve Giant Sequoias

Hundreds gathered inside Yosemite National Park to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Yosemite Grant Act. An action signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln, which planted the seed for national parks all over the world. For first time park tourist Christian Reber, he couldn't believe the size of the giant sequoias. Reber says, "It's majestic. It's giant I've never seen such big trees at all. It's fantastic." The event caught the attention of people throughout the world. French Journalist Emmanuel Itier says, "It's incredible. It's like a melting pot from everywhere, from Mexico, to France, To Germany to Americans as well. It's fantastic, it's one planet and one beautiful forest." After as many as 200 years left undisturbed the sequoias are being heavily damaged partly by the foot traffic and the motor vehicle traffic causing some of them to fall. So a major restoration project is underway to save the giant trees. Thanks to nearly $13-million donation from the Yosemite Conservancy, The $20-million project is underway. Crews will remove the paved parking lot. The trails will also be fixed up along with the signs and bathrooms preserving the giant sequoias for generations to come.