Wrongful Death: Parents File Lawsuit Against Theta Chi

The parents of a Fresno State freshman who died last year in a hazing incident have filed a wrongful death lawsuit.{}

The law firm of Kerr & Wagstaffe LLP, based in San Francisco, said on Monday that it plans to file the lawsuit against the Indiana Corporation Theta Chi Fraternity and six of its members on behalf of Paul and Diane Dhanens whose 18-year-old son, Philip, who drank himself two death during a pledge party.

Dhanens' autopsy revealed a blood alcohol level five times above the legal limit.

The lawsuit claims the fraternity did{} not express concern for Dhanens or their legal or moral obligation to prevent the death from happening.

"Every parent's worst nightmare is to receive a call letting them know that their child died," said Paul Dhanens, in a released statement. "No family should have to suffer this kind of loss, and we will work to stop hazing deaths."

Last week, the Fresno County District Attorney's Office charged three fraternity members with hazing and providing alcohol to a minor.