Would You Like An Energy Efficient Home? Try The 'HERO' Program

The city of Fresno says that the "Home Energy Retrofit Opportunity" or "HERO" Program has been successful since it started in February. The program cuts down on energy bills and water usage.

'HERO' offers low interest financing for energy efficient upgrades. The products the program offers includes; heating and cooling systems and energy saving windows, doors, roofs and insulation. Solar panels and energy saving light fixtures can also be installed.

Contractors used to install the products that will make your home more energy efficient have to be registered with 'HERO'.

The program is not free, you take out a low interest loan from the 'HERO' program and you make one payment a year. The payment is added to your property taxes. Interest from the loan is tax deductible.

For more information the "HERO" Program go to or call 1-800-HERO-411.