Wooden Treasures Created From Cedar Lanes

A Fresno business specializes in making treasures out of wood destined for the landfill.{}{}Revive Industries latest challenge is creating all kinds of furniture from the wood salvaged from Cedar Lanes{}

Tim Schulz is the leader of Revive Industries.{}{}He never likes to see a used piece of wood go to waste.{}{}In his{}Fresno warehouse you will find a{}coffee table, picture frames and crates all created from used wood.{} "The wood working, the preservation. {} Getting into an old building that's dingy, smelly and just seeing the value that's under a not so appealing layer and pulling that our and reworking it."

Schulz says Revive's guiding principle is stewardship.{} Revive is always{}looking for{}people who like to work with wood including the homeless.{} "We want to take these reclaimed materials that people don't place much value on and put it in the hands of people who are in need of a job or in need to fulfill some sort of purpose."

Revive Industries offers a deconstruction service.{} That's why{}Schulz now has 26 of the bowling lanes from Cedar Lanes.{} He has two bins of wood that weigh more than 24-tons.{} "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity we're happy to just come on and salvage what he could from there."

Schulz says it seems everyone wants a piece of furniture from Cedar Lanes.{} His biggest challenge is finding creative help to complete a backlog of orders.{}{}

If you would like to see some of Revive's wooden treasures go to our web site KMPH-dot-com and click on news links.