Women Take Police On Wild, Multi-City Chase

This pink Ford Crown Victoria was damaged in a near hour long high speed chase on Tuesday evening.

A woman and her passenger led police on a near hour long chase that ended on the front steps of the Kings County Jail in Hanford on Tuesday.

The bizarre chase began at 3:20 p.m. when Reedley police officers responded to a grocery store that the two women had stolen merchandise from.

Reedley police, Kings County deputies, highway patrol officers and even a helicopter gave chase to the women who were in a brilliant pink Ford Crown Victoria. But officers say the women threw beer bottles from the car's windows at them.

Early in the chase, a man jumped from the car near Manning Avenue and Highway 99. He was{} quickly arrested, police said.

Pursuing officers used several maneuvers to try to end the pursuit, but like a pink blur, the driver continued to make her way through Sanger, Fowler and Selma before finally ending in Hanford.

People working at the Island Car Wash in Hanford got a firsthand look at the chase.

"All of a sudden I see five cars at one time, and I heard more over [to the] side," said Erick Ramirez, who added that he heard a crash prior to the helicopters showing up.

When the women finally stopped in front of the Kings County Jail, police say they were not bashful about their wild antics.

Officers said that the two women were smiling and laughing in the back of the police car.

The driver will be tested to see if she was driving under the influence.

Reedley police did not return phone calls Tuesday night to find out what sparked the chase.