Woman Calls For Shotgun & Threatens Reporter Over Investigation

Tulare County code enforcement inspectors say its one of the worst properties they have seen in a long time.

This week, county investigators condemned several buildings on a piece of property in Orosi.

The reason: health and safety code violations.

Now renters on the property say the owner refuses to give back the hundreds of dollars in rent they paid.

The property is located on Road 124, near Avenue 432, in Orosi, north of Visalia in Tulare County.

KMPH News Reporter Erik Rosales was about to interview the renters, when a man and 4{} others confronted him.

Reporter Erik Rosales asks, "What do you have to say, are you going to give them back their money, so that they can be able to move out?

Man says, "They are the ones that started it, they are the ones who called the inspectors."

Tulare County Administrative Officer, Jean Rousseau says, "This is such a travesty of conditions. How often do you see an open septic tank in the ground, how often do you see raw sewage on the ground where there are kids playing it's just unacceptable and our folks had to go to court and take action."

Investigators say the property owners, Jesus and Paula Rubio first refused to allow inspectors inside their gates.

Investigators say after a judge signed a warrant, a full inspection was conducted.

Investigators say three of the six buildings on the property didn't have permits, and are now condemned.

Places a number of renters were paying $500 to $600 a month to call home.

Renter Carolina Correa says, "Where I live at, there is a little room in the back and they build it. I wasn't here when they build it. But its foundation is made of wood, it's not on cement and the inspector said if it gets rotten that part of the house is going to cave in."

Renter Veronica Munguia says, "My son got electrocuted from where I have the VCR plugged in the wall. I told him about the mouse problem and the roaches and he told me that was my problem not his."

Munguia who has four boys and another on the way says she is trying to find a new place to live. However, she says Jesus and Paula Rubio refuse to give back any of the $500 she paid for rent or the security deposit.

Reporter Erik Rosales tried to ask the folks about the issue from the street, but a woman told her family member to get a shotgun.

Reporter Erik Rosales, "I can stay right here ma'am."

Woman says," Go get the shotgun. Get out of my property right now."

Reporter says, "Ma'am I'm off your property. Are you going to give them back any money for the rent?"

Woman says, "They owe us money."

Reporter asks, "Do you have anything to say about the unlivable conditions?"

Woman says, "Shut Up."

Code Enforcement inspectors plan to give the owner a list of what to fix next week, if he does not he could face charges and fines.