Woman Reunited With Lost Wedding Rings

Karen Chacon thought she'd never see her wedding rings again.

In town from Los Angeles to visit family about a month ago, she made a trip to the Target in Clovis on Shaw Avenue, and that's where she made her mistake.

"I had a lot of things on my mind. We were driving back to L.A., and I had taken them off and put them on my lap at the stop light to put some lotion on my hands, and I forgot that they were on my lap from there to here," Chacon said.

When she got out of the car, she didn't even realize that her precious wedding rings had fallen to the ground.

"I came out, drove back to my in-laws' house and realized once I got there oh my God what had happened. I knew exactly what had happened. I knew exactly where I had lost them," she said.

But a trip back to Target and an hour and a half search of the lot produced nothing.

"So I went back, cried for about two days, and then we filed a police report. We called pawn shops. I put an ad in the Fresno Bee. I put an ad up on Craigslist, and that's where Mitch found me," she said.

Mitch Mott is the man who found Chacon's rings.

"I came to Target Sunday, parked right here. Got out of my car... well actually opened the door, put my foot down, and I saw the rings right here on the ground," Mott said.

After giving up hope, Chacon received a surprise a few weeks later in her email inbox.

"The first email I got was very brief. It was only four words. I think it said 'found ring email description' or 'call' and gave his number. I don't know it was very brief and short, and I thought well I don't know," she said.

After more emails and phone calls, both returned on Friday to the Target parking lot where it all started.

"Alright here's your ring that we found right here, right here on the ground," Mott told Chacon.

"Oh thank you!" Chacon replied. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate you hanging on to it and trying to find me on Craigslist. It meant a whole lot to me."

Karen Chacon says this is actually the second time she's lost her wedding rings, and she can't thank Mitch Mott enough for setting the example he did and giving back to her what she could never replace.