Woman, Long-Lost Niece To Meet After 32 Years Thanks To Donations, KMJ

KMJ host Chris Daniel this afternoon revealed the final total of donations made by KMJ listeners after hearing the story of Barbra, a caller on Friday's Chris Daniel Show.

Daniels helped raise $2,300 in donations to send Barbara Barbra and an attendant on a first-class trip to Chicago to reunite with her long-lost niece, KMJ officials said in a news release.

During the 'Good News Challenge' segment of Friday's Chris Daniel Show, Barbra called in to tell the story of reuniting with her long-lost niece after a 32-year separation.

Barbra's sister fell ill shortly after moving out the country with her newborn daughter Martha, she told the KMJ audience. Barbara told the KMJ audience that she was denied contact with Martha after her sister passed away from her illness.

Barbra and her family did not give up.

After searching for 32 years, Barbara finally made contact with Martha over Thanksgiving.

Martha is now a mother of four, lives in Chicago and talks to Barbra weekly. But because of financial hardship, the two had not been able to see each other, according to KMJ.

Chris Daniel appealed to the KMJ audience, seeking a facilitator to accept donations on Barbra's behalf. Guy Adams, Director of the Heart of the Horse Therapy Ranch in Clovis offered his facilities to the KMJ audience, accepting donations through the Ranch's website,

Now Barbara and Martha will finally get the chance to meet.