Woman Leads CHP On Drunken Slow-Speed Chase Through Cemetery

A drunken women on Monday morning led officers on a near seven mile slow-speed chase through a cemetery in a stolen golf cart.

The woman told officer and maintenance workers that she was trying to locate the grave of her baby at Saint Peters Cemetery in southwest Fresno.{}

But instead, the woman stole a golf cart and went for a joyride while a funeral was in procession.

David Solis, a maintenance worker at the cemetery, said he followed the woman as she drove backward and into oncoming traffic in the stolen golf cart.

California Highway Patrol Officer Scot Esmay said the woman was driving at about 15 miles per hour.

When CHP officers finally managed to pull the woman over, they found an empty bottle of alcohol in the golf cart.

At that point, Esmay said the woman had become uncooperative.

The woman now faces charges of stealing a vehicle and driving under the influence.