Woman Desperately Needs Bone Marrow Transplant


The following news release from the 'Be the Match Foundation' was received by on Friday, October 12, 2012:

Camila has Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and is need of an immediate bone marrow transplant. Because she has no siblings, she needs to find a non-related donor. Bone marrow donors are determined by genetics, not blood type, and because Camila is bi-racial - Caucasian and Mexican - doctors are not confident that a 10/10 or 9/10 genetic match will be found in time to save her life.

"Bi-racial patients like Camila have a harder time finding a donor because there are not enough people of mixed heritage in the national registry," said Be the Match spokesperson, Trina Brajkovich. Today, only 3% of the 9 million registry members are of Latino heritage. We are looking for a bi-racial match but want to encourage everyone to register. Please use the link below and register today. You may be the one to save a life.

Registration is simple: People who register are sent a packet with a special Q-tip and are asked to swab their inner cheek (mouth). It's quick and simple. Then you mail the packet back to the registry as soon as possible. The actual donor will donate blood or bone marrow which will be drawn at their local hospital. Again, quick and simple.

Camila, a 22-year-old native Californian, has family in the San Joaquin Valley. Her mother, Robin Caulk de la Llata, is from Porterville and was educated at Porterville College and California State College, Bakersfield. Camila comes from a family of educators. Her grandfather, Dearl Caulk, taught middle school in the Burton School District until his retirement. Her mother, now living in Monterey, and her aunts, Dana Carrera of Fresno and Leslie Garman of Valencia, teach at the high school level. Camila is also studying to become a teacher. She is a theater education and directing major, an exhibition Latin and ballroom dancer, and a choreographer. She is an energetic, passionate educator, a talented writer, singer, and actor, and a loyal, supportive friend. She is a young Latina woman with a promising future - and she needs your help.

Here is the link to Camila's bone marrow drive, sponsored by the Be the Match Foundation:

Please note that you have to click on the link, as indicated. This link is CODED so registrants will jump to the front of the national registry line. Camila needs to find a match within 4 weeks.

Be The Match is actively searching for partner organizations to continue helping with this effort.