Woman Delivers Baby On College Bench

Now sound asleep, baby Landen Domingo will one day grow up to learn the crazy story of the day he was born.

It all started Friday morning when 9-months pregnant Jessylyn Domingo, a sophomore at West Hills College noticed some pain in her belly.

"At first it hurt, I have been in pain this whole pregnancy so I didn't think anything of it" said Domingo.

Domingo was on her way to class when she decided to take a seat on a school bench.

It was then she realized she was going into labor.

"I was freaking out; I didn't want it to happen. I was just like uhhh! Because it was outside and it was cold. I didn't have anything, there was no one around and I started yelling for help when my water broke" added Domingo.

Domingo's cries were for help were eventually heard.

At that exact same time, the director of the health department Charles Freeman was practicing drills with his class, for a future emergency.

The training quickly turned into a real life emergency when someone came running up to Freeman.

"They said you're just the right person we need. This lady is giving birth," said Freeman.

Freeman thought the cry for help was a joke and part of the drill practice.

Freeman and his students rushed to Domingo's side just in the nick of time.

Domingo was already delivering her baby.

"I could feel Landon's head crowning and I sat down because I didn't want him to fall so I reached into my shorts and I pulled him out," confessed Domingo.

Freeman checked for vitals and for excess bleeding; making sure both mother and child were okay.

Freeman wrapped the baby in a college sweatshirt handing him back to the beaming and relieved young mother.

"I'm grateful and blessed he's not hurt, he's perfectly healthy."

It was a surprise delivery for Domingo and a lesson this class will never forget.