Woman Caught On Camera Stealing From Clovis Mailbox

Clovis Police are searching for a woman officers say walked up to a home and took a package from the mailbox.

Investigators say it was a crime of opportunity that took less than 30 seconds. Officers say on Saturday the woman was caught on camera walking down the street with another woman and 3 kids. All of a sudden the women stopped in front of the house and looked right at the mailbox. Moments later the woman walked up to the home and swiped the package.

The mail carrier told police she found the open, empty package on top of a group of mail boxes about a block and a half away. The mail carrier says she knew right away where the package came from, because she had just delivered it.

"People should be wary of leaving packages on their porches," says Janet Stoll-Lee from the Clovis Police Department.

Inside the package was a necklace that police say was a Christmas gift. Since it's the holiday season police say they are seeing more crimes where thieves target homes that have packages on their porches.

"Make sure you track your packages or if someone is sending you something they should alert you," adds Stoll-Lee.

The Post Office and delivery companies all offer different options like requiring a signature or picking up the package.

If you have any information about the theft or the woman caught on camera stealing the package call CrimeStoppers at 559-498-STOP.