Woman Burned Alive Needs Plastic Surgery, Find Out How To Help

A woman burned alive by her roommate says she's tired of being trapped in her home. Victoria De La Fuente says it's hard to go outside because people stare at her scars and she needs plastic surgery.

"It's been a long ride, but I have my support system," says Victoria De La Fuente.

The Lemoore woman's life changed forever almost three years ago. She says her roommate at the time set her on fire and watched her burn. People driving by saw what was happening and stopped to help. However, De La Fuente was left with scars on 55% of her body.

"By the grace of God I'm still here," adds De La Fuente, "I get a lot of support from my family and my children."

De La Fuente was in the hospital for almost a year and she had 12-surgeries.

"When I go out, people look and they snicker," says the burn victim, "I've heard a few people say monster."

De La Fuente says she spends the majority of her time indoors. She can't go to her grandkids football games and she can't work.

"I mean people see me and I don't blame them," says De La Fuente, "They don't know, so there is no possible way I could have employment."

She needs plastic surgery for her eye, ears and face. De La Fuente tells KMPH Fox 26 News that the surgery means she won't have to hide.

"I have faith it will all work out, it always does," she says.

The estimated cost for De La Fuente's plastic surgery is between $25,000 and $50,000. If you would like to help her pay for the surgery visit her "Go Fund Me" page at

As for the woman who did burned De La Fuente, she is in prison serving a twelve year to life sentence.