Woman Arrested For The 36th Time This Year In Fresno

Fresno Police say a woman has been arrested for the 36th time this year. Officers say 32-year old Sarah Magnolia is a serial thief. They say she targets cars that are unlocked and steals what's inside.

Police say they're frustrated, because the woman keeps getting released from jail due to overcrowding. She's currently in jail after police say they arrested her Thursday for breaking into two cars with-in ten minutes.

Ashley Rendon says when she parked her car in Downtown Fresno she thought it was locked.

"I guess she climbed in through the back way and made her way to the front," says Rendon.

However, police say Sarah Magnolia broke into Rendon's car.

"She didn't take anything, but I know she did mess with my I-Pod," adds Rendon. Sitting in the back of a police car is a something officers say Magnolia is used to. She was arrested just a week ago on 19-warrants. The charges include stolen vehicle, vehicle burglary, unlawful entry and elder abuse. She was booked into the Fresno County Jail on September 3rd and released the next day on September 4th for overcrowding. Police says she spent a total of 15-hours and 19-minutes in jail and never appeared in front of a judge.

"She's one of those persons that her opportunity starts the minute she leaves the jail and then she starts checking car after car," says Sgt. Greg Noll with the Fresno Police Department.

Sgt. Noll says he is working with the district attorney to make sure Magnolia is not released from jail this time.

"What we're hoping is she'll be held accountable for all of the other crimes that she's been charged with," says Sgt. Noll.

Fresno Police say they hope Magnolia will appear in court on all the charges against her Friday, so that way she will not be released from jail.