Storm Hits Valley, Winds Cause Trees To Fall

The first storm of the season certainly left its mark on the valley.

In the town of Auberry, strong winds brought down a giant tree.

It came crashing down falling right on top of several businesses.

It destroyed the town's newspaper headquarters, the office of a certified public accountant, and a yoga studio.

Jeanine Halbrook, owner of Inner-Path Yoga says, "It's a little devastating looking forward to doing some yoga tomorrow but that's not going to happen. I know it will all be handled like it's going to handled but not sure what our next steps going to be."

The fast moving storm kept our KMPH News viewers busy snapping pictures.

Ryan lasalle was driving west of highway 41 near Riverdale and caught a dust devil jumping in the fields.

Andres Natera captured a dust storm near Lost Hills, just west of interstate 5, in Kern County.

If you captured video or pictures of news just email it to us at We may put it on the air.