Wildfires Growing But Crews Getting Control

Firefighters are now getting a better handle on those three wildfires burning in the Sierra Nevada, even though they continue to grow.

The largest of these fires, the French Fire, is now burning more than 8,000 acres near Mammoth Pool Reservoir.

The good news is that firefighters now have 15% of the fire under control, because there was no containment a day earlier.

More than 1,400 firefighters are out there helping to stop those flames from spreading.

Twelve campsites are still closed in the Rock Creek and Fish Creek area and some are still out of their homes.

This fire continues to affect air quality here in the Valley.

And a busy highway that had to be closed because of the El Portal Fire is now reopened.

Highway 120 in Yosemite National Park opened Thursday night.

So far, that fire has burned more than 4,000 acres, but firefighters have more than half of it under control now.