Why Protests In The Ukraine Matter To The U.S.

The ongoing violence in the Ukraine has now left at least 25 dead and dozens more hurt.

Here's why the protests in Kiev should matter to the US:

The biggest reason according to many analysts is the power struggle between Russia and the US.

The US has long wanted more western influence to move into Ukraine.

That means the former Soviet bloc country would embrace western influences.

That would allow US economic and social beliefs to spread deeper into Europe.

For Russian president Vladimir Putin, pulling Ukraine back toward an alliance with Moscow would slow that western influence.

There's also a natural gas issue.

Much of the gas that powers Europe moves through Ukraine.

If Ukraine and Russia are in a strong alliance, Moscow would have greater control of powering much of Europe.

So, why hasn't the US intervened to stop the violence in Ukraine?

Political analysts say if the US even threatens to intervene in any way, already strained relations with Putin, Moscow and Russia could get even worse.

So far, Vice President Joe Biden has urged the Ukrainian government to show restraint during the protests.