When To Take A Potty Break And Not Miss The Movie - There's An App For That!

A new app is out to fix life's ultimate dilemma.

You're at a movie with a fifty ounce drink, the theater calls a medium, and about an hour into the movie, you gotta go! you don't want to miss the movie, but hey, you don't want to make a mess in your seat either. Good news - there's an app to help you.

The RunPee app works like this:

When you go to the movies you select your movie in the app right when it begins and your phone will vibrate when there is a good time to take a potty brake and it will also update you on what you are missing while you are using the loo.

The app is 99 cents but if you spend $12 on a movie ticket and $6 more on a soda, maybe a one time fee of $1 isn't a huge set back for the frequent movie-goer.