What's Hot & What's To Eat At The Big Fresno Fair

The Big Fresno Fair is now in full swing, and there's a lot to see and do. Horse racing, parading the big beef, the latest in deep fried foods, plus what's hot in the Commerce Building.{}

Let's start with show me what your cows can do. They're supposed to parade eloquently around the arena. But there are times when certain animals have a beef about time in the spotlight. The solution? Just keep on tugging.{}

It was a great day for J.T. Leonardo of Selma. "This cow got grand champion. My bull got grand champion. My heifer got two grand champions, and my other heifer just got first."

As we toured we caught the last race on the first day of horse racing. Craziest Soul won it in a photo finish. Jerry Baldwin was in the money. "I{}picked it to win and{}I bet a little more money on it, and I'm really happy. Really really happy. It made my day. I'm beyond in the black."

If you'd like to take a step back in nature enter the World Discovery Exhibit. The laughing Kookaburra are a riot. Some laugh, some whistle, like the Congo African Gray Parrot.

I toured in my hiking boots and they were very uncomfortable to say the least. But{}I struck gold in the Industry Commerce Building... shoe inserts by Gel Doctor. Kenda Bailey sold me a pair. "It's a free flowing glycerine gel. What it does it disperses the gel evenly throughout your foot so you constantly have a massaging effect that's gonna help with circulation and stimulate your blood flow."

They're like walking on pillows. From commerce to the latest in fried food. I recommend the deep fried grill cheese. But the cheese curds are excellent too.{}

The last stop on the Thursday tour was a crowd favorite. Splash dogs. There are big dogs and little dogs. Both sizes never lose their desire to hit the water.