What Damaged A Selma Home? The Homeowner Says A Tornado Did

A Selma man who says a twister tore through his backyard on Monday evening. He says it happened when thunderstorms were rolling the Central Valley.

"I was talking to my neighbor and he told me he thought it was a tornado also," says Don Singh.

Singh says tornado, twister, strong winds, whatever you call it; something hit his home leaving behind a big mess.

"The house started shaking and I came outside and saw all the damage," adds Singh, "Trees were down and it was crazy."

Two of Singh's satellite dishes are destroyed, his patio doesn't have a roof anymore and two trees toppled over. One of the trees is covering the road and even knocked down power lines.

"You wouldn't think anything like this would happen in the valley, but it did," says the Selma man.

Singh says the storm came through really fast.

"I'm thinking forty five seconds to a minute, but it felt like forever."

Singh says the next step is he's going to clean up all of the damage that the storm left behind. He estimates there is $10,000 to $15,000 in damage at his home.

So, what exactly caused all the damage? It wasn't a tornado. Specialists from the National Weather Service in Hanford say its wind damage from a thunderstorm microburst. The investigator estimates winds were as high as 60 miles per hour.