Surviving A Mass Shooting

After Friday's shooting at LAX you might wondering how to keep yourself and your family safe if you're ever in that scary situation. {}A security expert says it is possible to survive if you know what to do.

"One of the first things I would do is move to cover as quickly as I possibly could, so I could get myself out of sight of the shooter," says R.J. Pierini, Owner of Advanced Tactical Methods.

In mass shooting situations you aren't alone and can often work together with others. While you're taking cover one of the things you can do is evaluate your surroundings. Pierini says after you've figured out an escape plan you can run to safety.

"I need to understand what the nature of my threat is? Is there one person? Is there more than one person? What exactly is unfolding all around me?" adds Pierini.

If you do happen to come face to face with the gunman Pierini says to fight back.

"You have nothing to loose by fighting back," says the tactical expert.

Even though every mass shooting situation can be different, Pierini says the steps to surviving one are almost always the same.