West Nile Virus Victim Heads Home From Hospital

Fresno attorney Jim Wasson walked out of rehab hospital Wednesday surrounded by family and friends.Wasson says he's lucky to have survived the complications of West Nile virus.Wasson says his new fight, to warn others about the potentially deadly virus that's being spread right now in the valley.Wasson says, "I can squeeze my hand but I still can't hold my arm up."Wasson is still hoping one day he will regain full use of his right arm.He is thankful to be home.Wasson says, "You know 25 to 30 days in the hospital is a long time. I was just thinking of coming home and finally I'm here."Before Wasson's grand kids go out in the backyard they spray themselves down.Wasson's wife, Denise says, "You would never suspect there would be anything in your own backyard, as devastating as a mosquito with West Nile."Throughout Wasson's neighborhood and the entire valley, virus infected mosquitoes are still being caught.So the Wasson's are on a mission to warn others to protect themselves.Denise says, "We still have a few months of warm hot weather. Hopefully we don't have a record year but that is what they are anticipating. This is life changing, our lives have changed dramatically. It will never be the same."Right now, 93 human cases of West Nile virus have been confirmed in California, and 16 human cases in Fresno County alone.

So the area remains to be{}a hot bed for the virus.