West Fresno Neighborhood Says They're Prisoners In Their Homes

People in a West Fresno neighborhood say they've become prisoners in their own homes and it's because of a park next to their neighborhood.

"Victoria West Park" has several soccer fields next to a row of homes. The only barrier is a wall and people say it is not enough.

"It's been really bad because you can't go in your backyard," says Shirley Arce who lives in the neighborhood, "I'm afraid for my kids and my great grand kids."

Shirley Arce says ever since the park behind her home was built there's been trouble.

"How would you feel about somebody sitting on your fence and you're trying to BBQ?" asks Arce, "You have no privacy at all."

Arce and her neighbors say there are soccer balls constantly being kicked over the wall.

"You're sitting there watching television or you're eating dinner and something hits the patio," says Wilma Hill who lives in the neighborhood, "It bounces off and you have to go take care of it."

Neighbors say it's not just soccer balls being kicked into their yards. They say that rocks are also being thrown over the wall.

"You spend all your time trying to clean up and keep things nice, so you can relax," says Jonathan Pantages, who lives in the neighborhood, "When you go back there you find trash and wrappers, and it's very frustrating."

People who live in the neighborhood say they now want the wall made higher. They say their dogs are getting hurt from the rocks and it's hard to keep their pools clean. The neighbors also worry one day someone might get hurt.

"You don't know if someone is coming over the wall to get a soccer ball or if it's someone who's running from the cops," adds Pantages.

Part of the problem is half the homes in the West Fresno neighborhood are in the city and the other half are in the county. So people say they don't know who they are supposed to call to see if they can make the wall higher.