Well Quits In Stratford: Water Turns Gray

One of Stratford's two wells began pumping sand instead of water Wednesday morning until water district workers shut it down.{} Water coming out of the tap is now a{}ugly gray and full of sand.{} John Demsky, manager of the Stratford Public Utility District says the problem was reported by a customer just after eight this morning.{} "At 8:20 we received a phone call from a customer regarding dirty water."{}

The pump is located behind the main office and when Demsky checked the well he found dark gray sand around the base of the pump.{} With one pump out of service the{}remaining well can only produce 500 gallons of water a minute.{} 320 customers{}are tapped into the water district in the Kings County community of{}1-thousand people.{}{}

Demsky is{}asking all customers to conserve water until the pump is fixed.{} "Curtailing use of any outside watering.{} Not watering lawns, plants, car washing and to conserve water wherever possible."{} Manuel Almeida is a longtime resident.{} He says water problems are something he's learned to deal with in Stratford.{} "I have a filter so that helps a little bit but people who don't have filters they don't have good water to take a shower or clean the dishes."{}

Demsky says he won't know until a{}crew comes out{}and sends a camera down the well's casing just how serious the problem is for Stratford residents.{}{}{}{}