Weight Loss Miracle: Woman Loses 300 Pounds In Months

Anyone who wants to lose a few pounds knows it takes some effort and will power.

Now, imagine weighing 550 pounds, and barely being able to move, that was the case for Tulare resident, Lashunda Ingram-Philpot.

Lashunda says the help of the staff at Redwood Springs Health Center in Visalia, and her brother, an Egyptian priest she lost nearly 300 pounds.

So how did she do it?

Her brother, Dr. Tehutie Ptah practices a science called "Astro-neurophysiology".

Dr. Ptah says he uses customized graphs with ancient Egyptian symbols, that Lashunda says opens the mind to heal the body.

Dr. Path says, "We know the science of the body, and of the brain, but not of the science of the mind. We don't understand what the mind is capable of doing."

Dr. Ptah says in the field of Astro-neurophysiology a patient mediates on a chart with hieroglyphs. Each hieroglyph represents a part of your body.

Lashunda's goal to be 145 pounds, a feat her brother says she can accomplish by September.

Many American doctors question the validity of what they would call a pseudo-science, or worse.

But no one can question Lashunda's amazing results.

Lashunda says, "Now I just got to get everything in shape and tighten everything up, ready to put on my heels."