Wawona Hotel In Yosemite Park Re-opening Despite Government Shutdown

After a 12-day hiatus, the "Wawoma Hotel" in Yosemite Park is re-opening its doors.

Given the Wawona's unique location, management company "Delaware North" says there is a loop-hole amidst the national shutdown.

"Because it's on a through road, you don't have to actually stop. You are passing all the way through Yosemite through highway 41" said Amanda Stohl, member of management company.

The loop-hole grants guests' limited access around the hotel grounds, store and some surrounding areas.

"A lot of the stuff inside the park is still closed. Anything run by the national park service is not accessible. The hiking trails inside the park are not open. But outside the park by Tenaya lodge; there are a lot of activities by the southern entrance guests can do" added Stohl.

Stohl says she worries if the re-open will be enough to draw back tourism to its original glory.

Stohl admits that due to loss of reservations and revenue; the company has had to cut employee hours.

"It has been getting frustrating. A lot of the agents here are feeling it too because they are talking to guests and sometimes it's the same guests calling everyday. Do you have any news yet? Can we still come? What's going on? And we don't have a lot of information to give them, like I said we are just taking it day by day" said Stohl.