Fresno Pays Millions To Dig For Water

How much do you think that glass of tap water you drink is worth? Did you guess millions of dollars? If you did you're right. The City of Fresno is now spending millions to make sure you have water, because we're in the third year of a drought and this could be the driest year on record.

The City of Fresno is investing in wells that are newer, more efficient and can dig deep for water. Upgrading wells comes at a cost. The city is spending $2-million to $3-million, because of the electricity needed to dig so deep for water.

100 years of pumping has depleted the underground water supply forcing the city to go deeper underground in search of water. The drills now have to go down 100-feet to find more water.

The city does have another solution to its water worries. Martin Querin, Fresno's Director of Public Utilities, says it involves using water from the San Joaquin River and Kings River during years when there's either a normal amount or a lot of rain. However, that won't happen this year and it will take some very wet years to refill what we've already taken from down below.

"We want to allow that aquifer to rebound and that water to come back," says Querin.

Querin says farmers will also be affected by the drought. He says like past years they're going to have to rely on ground water, because water from the rivers is just not there.

The city's water conservation group has a program where they will come out to your house to help you find ways to conserve water. If you're interested just call 559-621-5480.