Water Rescue: Two Girls Safe After Being Swept Away By Current

An off-duty Chowchilla reserve police officer on Wednesday helped save the life of two girls who had been swept away by a quick-moving body of water.

The two girls were with their mother shortly before 8 p.m. at Ash Slough on the south side of Chowchilla to cool off and play in water, officials said.

Both girls disappeared from sight. They were being swept downstream.

The girls were able to grab onto a branch, police said.

That's when Tony Spada, an off-duty Chowchilla Police Reserve Officer and Fish and Game Lieutenant who happened to be riding his bike in the area, heard the mother screaming for help.

Police say Spada jumped into the fast moving water and swam to one of the girls, grabbed her and then took and then swam her to safety. He then jumped back into the water a second time to get the other girl.

"The girls were very lucky to have a highly-trained law enforcement officer in the area during this harrowing incident who was able to save their lives," said John Markle, police sergeant with the Chowchilla Police Department in an issued statement.