Water Relay Ends In Fresno

By Clint Olivier

FRESNO -{}A Valley idea comes home.

The Farmer Relief and Freedom Relay wraps up at the fairgrounds with hundreds turning out for the rally to say thanks.

"I've been waking up in hotels not even remembering where I'm at," Kevin Jackson said.

Author and activist Kevin Jackson spoke at 14 separate rallies.

After about three weeks on the road, organizers say they accomplished their mission of raising awareness about the plight of the valleys farmers.

Speakers from the Central Valley and other Tea Party activists crisscrossed the country, talking with tea party groups.

"We decided to take it upon ourselves to make sure that these guys are fed, that their kids are clothed, that they're not becoming wards of the government," he said.

"Now they got the message and they're getting the message{} and they're getting organized to help us with whatever we need to do here," Piedad Ayala said.

Organizers say they were able to raise 20 thousand dollars in donations, and they filled three semi trucks with food, clothing and toys for Valley families battling unemployment because of the water crisis.

"If these pumps don't run, no matter how much it rains, we're not going to have the water we need to farm with next year , especially on the west side," Nunes said.

Congressman Devin Nunes spoke to the crowd and urged his colleagues in the house to take action before it's too late.

Nunes says the issue isn't going away anytime soon.

"This is an opportunity for you to stand up and tell your politicians, tell your elected officials that you understand what the government's doing to you, that you understand the government's cut your water off and you want them to do something about it and you want them to do something about it now," he said.

Nunes says he has received positive feedback from people across the country about relay.