Water March Draws Thousands In Downtown Fresno

Thousands of people braved triple digit heat on Wednesday to attend a water march in Fresno.

The peaceful{}march kicked off at noon at City Hall, with marchers walking throughout Downtown Fresno.

According to the Mayor's Office, around 3,500-4,000 people came out for the march; a mixture of farmers, farmworkers and concerned Californian's with{}some coming{}from as far away as Los Angeles.

Speakers included the Mayor of Orange Cove, Victor Lopez, Fresno Mayor Ashley{}Swearengin and{}her predecessor Alan Autry. {}

Speakers called on the marchers to keep up the united front in the fight for water. It's an issue Swearengin called, one of the most pressing for the city of Fresno in the long range.

As they marched, people carried signs which read, "If you like foreign oil, you'll love foreign food" and "The endangered species is the California farmer."

Marchers are hoping events such as this one will prompt President Obama to declare a State of Emergency for the region. Back in June, Governor Schwarzenegger asked President Obama to issue a federal disaster declaration for Fresno County, signing an executive order that he{}hoped would result in the distribution of $3 million to $4 million a month in emergency food and unemployment assistance for areas wracked by the water crisis.

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