Water District To Stagger Deliveries

The Fresno Irrigation District on Tuesday voted to stagger water deliveries starting next month.

Water will be delivered to the northwest area and to the east side of the district starting on April 1. Deliveries to the entire district, which has 800 miles of canals spread over 245,000 acres of land countywide, will begin on April 16.

Kings River runoff during the spring and early summer months is predicted to be about 57 percent below average, said the Fresno Irrigation District's District Manager Gary Serrato.

Serrato attributed the below-average totals to "much-below-average" snowfall and rainfall in the Sierra Nevada.

"The district is urging farmers to work with our water system operators in scheduling to conserve as much water as possible," said Serrato in a press release.

"Growers will need to plan to rely upon groundwater late in the summer and should evaluate their pumps to ensure they are in working condition."