Water Crisis In Tulare County's Seville, Triggers State Money

The drought and a dropping underground water table are forcing hundreds of people living in a Tulare County community to suffer without clean drinking water, and at times no water at all!More than 500 people call the community of Seville home.It's located a few miles north of Visalia in Tulare County and about 36 miles southeast of Fresno.For weeks residents have been told to boil their water, because the town's water pump is losing pressure sucking in contaminants.After years of bureaucratic funding issues, and Tulare County being forced to step in after Seville's private water system owner went bankrupted, Seville resident Rick Mascorro is hoping he no longer has to travel to relatives' homes just to shower.Mascorro says, "I got my daughter in Woodlake and that's where I got to go if I shower. It gets rough."Now thanks to a state emergency grant, Red Cross volunteers and Tulare County firefighters delivered clean bottled water to each home until a filtered water dispensing machine can be installed in the next few months.Tulare County Economic Development Coordinator Eric Coyne says, "It's a very old system and it's needed repair for a long time."Tulare County's top brass say they're aware of the water crisis in Seville.However, with no money, they say they can't afford to make any major repairs.Now with emergency funds available, Tulare County plans to install a new 15,000 gallon water storage tank to help keep the water flowing especially during peak hours until county workers can tie into a nearby well or build a new one 3 years from now.Resident Alex Guerrero says, "It's good to have good news in the future, something to look forward too as a community. I think it's about time to have real good changes."