Waste Watch: Fresno Co. Considers Changing Check Policy

After a KMPH Fox 26 Waste Watch News investigation, Fresno County Social Services is now considering changing the way it hands out monthly checks to the families of adoptive kids.

KMPH Fox 26 News is always keeping a close eye on wasteful government spending.

Our investigation found thousands of your tax payer dollars were wasted on postage.

Weeks ago, a KMPH Fox 26 News viewer was sent 9 checks at one time. Each check sent separately for $12.00. Each check costing the Fresno County 48 cents.

That may not seem like a lot of money, but when you consider those checks were just 9 of more than 7,200 Fresno County Social Services it mailed this year, which equals some $3,400 spent in postage alone.

So if the checks were sent to one address, why not just mail them all together in one envelope and save money?

Investigative Reporter Erik Rosales went to Vicki Crow whose name is on the checks.

Crow is Fresno County's Auditor, Controller and Tax Collector.

She says, "Evidentially the system has limitations which requires for each individual child, and each individual payee that they get a check. To put them all together, going to one particular address or payee would require manual effort at this point."

So Fresno County claims it's cheaper to pay the extra 48 cents rate per envelope.

But that so called 'bulk rate', is only a penny cheaper than we would pay for a first class letter.

Rosales asked, because we now live in an electronic age, why doesn't the county use something like debit cards or EBT cards? This way the county can recharge the card each month, and no postage is necessary.

Crow admits it could work, and save the county big money.

Crow says, "We really appreciate the public and your team bringing these options to the table for us. Not often is the person at the top level aware, intimately aware, of those details. So sometimes when we put our heads together we say okay let's think of something new."

Rosales asks, "So is it safe to say you will look into these options?"

Crow says, "Certainly, we are having the conversations via email and we will follow up on it."

KMPH Fox 26 News will stay on top of the issue and let you know of any new developments.