WARNING: Popular Shampoo Contains Cancer-Causing Ingredient

There's a warning about a popular shampoo that has a chemical that causes cancer.

The shampoo, called Vanart, is made in Mexico.

KMPH found blog postings from as far back as six years ago saying that the product has cancer-causing chemicals. The warning has one Fresno woman worried.

America Robles is growing her hair out for the third time. She says she plans to donate it to Locks of Love.

"I feel pretty good knowing that the kids who have cancer will have hair," America said.

However, the 9-year old is worried she may not be able to donate her hair this time. America and her mom have been using Vanart shampoo. It has a warning label from State of California. A state agency says the problem is with tetrasodim EDTA, which is made from formaldehyde.

"I just felt like I could have cancer or something and I was really scared when I heard it," America said. "I didn't really want to use it anymore."

America's mom, Sandra Sotelo, says that she had not seen a warning label on the shampoo until three weeks ago.

"It gets me feeling guilty, because I'm telling my daughter to go take a shower every night; she uses the shampoo every night," Sotelo said.

Sotelo says she bought the bottle of Vanart shampoo with the warning label at a Fresno CVS. She says the bottle came with a warning label required from the state. However, Sotelo says this warning label wasn't on the Vanart shampoo she would buy at Wal-Mart.

KMPH went inside Wal-Mart to see if we could buy a bottle of the shampoo. A sales associate told us Wal-Mart stopped carrying Vanart because, it "has a chemical that causes cancer."

"Never, ever have a noticed a warning label on it," Sotelo said.

Sotelo says she wants to know why there was not a warning label put on the shampoo sooner.

"Why is it being sold here if the state knows that it's harmful?" Sotelo asked. "They know it can cause cancer, so why are they still selling it."

The state attorney general, county, and city attorneys are responsible for enforcing warning labels. If a person sees a product without a warning label hey can file a report with a public attorney.

KMPH tried to find a listing for the company that makes Vanart. We were unable to find a phone number or address for the company.