Wanted Man In Murder of Valley Farmer Caught In Calwa

Fresno County Sheriff's deputies say murder suspect 25-year-old Fabian Mansanalez, wanted in connection with the shooting death of 38-year-old George Salwasser Jr.,{}which took place Thursday night on Howard Avenue, has been caught. Mansanalez was arrested by MAGEC deputies late Friday evening in the Calwa area. It's a murder that's rocked the farming community near Kerman. Deputies say arrested two people at the scene of the crime. They were hiding under a canal bridge. Deputies arrested 24-year-old Maria Mansanalez, and 23-year-old Adrian Aceves, both are from Fresno. Deputies say Salwasser tried to stop the car thieves from stripping a stolen truck near his home. After the shooting deputies say Fabian Mansanalez ran off, but he is now behind bars. Growers in the area say the shooting concerns them. Rod Yraceburu says, "It's concerning this type of thing goes on out here. But we realize what the problem is, the drug thing is a big driving force behind it." Since 1970 raisin grower Yraceburu has been working hundreds of acres in the area. He says, "I've had car burned up in my field. Stolen cars have also been found burned in my fields and I've had wires stolen out of pumps and that type of thing. Yraceburu says he will no longer confront people on his property alone and will likely call deputies first.