Want To Live Long? Don't Do This!

A new study shows how long unhealthy lifestyle habits can shave years off your life. This is the first time analysts are able to tell by how many years lives are shortened because of smoking, bad diet, being inactive and drinking a lot.

They found a person who had all four bad habits was two and a half times more likely to die prematurely than a person with none of these bad habits.

Smoking appears to have the most effect on life expectancy, as smokers had more than a 50% chance of dying early. The effects of poor diet, heavy drinking and physical inactivity appeared later in life.

And, a new report finds people who are very obese may lose as many as 14 years off their life.

Researchers looked at 20 studies over a 30 year period involving more than ten thousand people.

They found a body mass index greater than 40 raises the odds of dying early from heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Study authors could not determine whether losing weight would improve lifespan.

But they did say not becoming obese in the first place *will extend your life.