Voters Will Decide On Water Bond In November

A new state water bond measure will be appearing on the November ballot.

Both the assembly and the state senate passed the bond measure late Wednesday night with overwhelming support, but only after lawmakers hammered out some compromises.

Central Valley lawmakers reportedly helped lead the charge on at least one deal to set aside more money for new dams, reservoirs and water storage solutions.

But although successful, not everyone was completely satisfied with the outcome.

California Assemblyman Jim Patterson of Fresno said, "I think we missed an opportunity to make history tonight. The chance to establish a 50 year water bond policy that we be good for our kids and our grand kids for future generations but given who's in charge in California at this time, it was the best result that could be expected."

The $7.5 million dollar bond will include $2.7 billion for water storage, $1.5 billion to protect and restore rivers, lakes and watersheds, $900 million for groundwater cleanup and $810 million for drought preparedness.

California Assemblywoman Connie Conway of Tulare said, "We held the line a little bit but everyone was willing to compromise and give. I think we came up with a product I hope Californians will be proud of and will be able to support."

Governor Jerry Brown signed it as well, so now it heads to the November ballot.

Governor Brown told reporters he doesn't remember the last time he saw Democrats and Republicans so united.