Volunteers Help Clean Tagging At Lost Lake Park

It was a day of spring cleaning for Lost Lake Park near Friant.

The park is finally back to its original glory, after a group of volunteers cleaned up the mess vandals left behind.

Many of the park's trees and rocks were covered in spray-paint.

With some paint, and several brush strokes, volunteers from the "Kiwanis Club" gave the popular Valley park the facelift it needed.

"It's a good feeling to be a part of something so great that is much bigger than yourself," said Christine Garduno, from the Kiwanis Club.

According to the Fresno County Department of Public Works, getting the park clean has been on its to-do list.

A park like Lost Lake however, requires money and man power; resources the department says it doesn't have much of. {}

The Kiwanis Club says that was its cue to step in, and help.

"We went into the river, got wet, took out a bunch of trash, we actually took a couch out of there," said Garduno.

Along with picking up trash and cleaning, the volunteers re-painted the public restroom and built new barbeque pads.

The 150 volunteers got started at 8 a.m.; giving up their Saturday to get their hands dirty.

"Kiwanis family ... we put service and fellowship together along with leadership and we create a good time," said Garduno.