Volunteers Hand Out Burritos To Fresno Homeless

There are people working to make the Valley a better place.

Today is national "Stamp Out Hunger Day," and many people are helping those in need get food.

"In Fresno, in the downtown community, there are a lot of homeless, a lot of people that are hungry," said Nigel Burton of the "Just Be Dope," organization.

Burton is a Fresno State student, he and dozens of volunteers spent Saturday handing out burritos to local homeless.

"I know that people overlook them a lot of time, and pretend like they don't exist. We want them to know that we care and that we are here," said Burton.

The event started early Saturday at Lowell Elementary School in Central Fresno.

Burton and his volunteers prepared 300 burritos to hand out.

Volunteers included Fresno state students, students of Lowell Elementary School and parents.

""Young kids look up to us in this school so, if we do something positive, we hope that when they grow up, they will do the same," said Martin Hernandez.

The "Just Be Dope," organization put the event together.

Their slogan stands for being yourself, embracing others and giving back.

"My goal today is just to make a huge impression on the homeless them in any way possible, and just show them what "Just be dope," is all about," said Burton.