Visalia Police Say They've Broken Up A Burglary Ring

Visalia Police say they've broken up a burglary ring that's terrorized the city for the past five months. Officers say Friday afternoon they arrested three men they believe broke-in to at least 13 homes since June.

Police say officers spotted the three guys driving in the area of Roeben Road and Paradise Avenue in Southwest Visalia. The area where the three men were arrested is where police say most of the break-ins have happened.

Visalia Police say when they pulled over the car officers found items that were stolen from some of the houses that were broken into. Investigators say fingerprints and shoe prints helped them track down the bad guys. However, surveillance video from the homes was what gave police their biggest lead.

"Eye witness testimony is one thing, but when you have video that gives you a much better description of the car, maybe gives you a license plate or a better description of the suspect," says Visalia Police Captain Jason Salazar, "The video helps us have a better idea of who we're investigating and who we're looking for."

Police say while these three men are facing charges for 13 burglaries. Detectives are investigating if the guys might be responsible for more break-ins. All three are behind bars in the Tulare County Jail.