Visalia Mom Saves Her 3-Year Old Son

A family celebration almost turned tragic for one Visalia family, after a 3-year old little boy almost died in his backyard. However, his mom's CPR skills saved his life.

The Ralls family was in their backyard when they decided to go for a quick swim before heading out to see fireworks. At some point little 3-year old Gage fell into the pool.

"As I was walking I saw him in the pool. He was not floating, but halfway into the pool," says Gage's mom Priscilla Ralls, "That's when I screamed. I rushed into the water; I rushed in there and grabbed him. I said Oh My God my baby. I grabbed him and handed him to my husband."

Ralls says her husband was in shock. So, she jumped out of the pool and grabbed Gage.

"He had no pulse and he was blue, purplish," adds Ralls, "His stomach was so hard."

Ralls started performing CPR. She pumped her son's chest and blew air into his mouth.

"That's when he gasped up for air like four times. He was like hugh,hugh," says Gage's mom, "I was like Oh My God he's moving, he's moving, he has air coming out."

Gage was still struggling to breath. As his dad called 911, his mom ran into the house.

"I picked him up and took him to the shower," says Ralls, "I poured cold water all over his back and that's when he was breathing."

Gage was rushed to the hospital. After doctors treated the 3-year old people started congratulating his mom.

"As soon as I ran in there with paramedics, everybody was happy and hugging me, because I saved my baby's life," says Ralls.

Life for the Ralls family is starting to go back to normal. The pool's ladder has been removed. And, Gage's mom is grateful that learning CPR saved her son's life.

"If it wasn't for CPR I wouldn't have my baby right now, holding him in my arms," says Ralls.

Ralls says she learned CPR about 9-years ago. She was in school and heard about a free class, so she decided to take it. This was the first time she's ever used those life saving skills.