Visalia Man Sees Burglar Break Into His Home On His Cell Phone

{}A Visalia home is broken into, but what the thief didn't know is that the homeowner was watching the entire time.

A small camera attached to a light fixture caught a man breaking into a Visalia house Thursday afternoon. The homeowner saw the entire burglary happen, because he watched on his cell phone.

"When I moved here I thought it was a good idea to keep it pointed at the front door," says homeowner Dave Ross.

Ross is glad for that good idea, because while he was at work a guy broke into his home and tried trying to rip him off.

"I received an alert," says Ross, "I looked at my phone and there's somebody standing in my front door that shouldn't be there."

Ross' surveillance camera sends him alerts on this cell phone whenever it detects motion.

Sometimes he gets false alarms, but not this time.

"Something told me to take a look at his one, so I popped it open and there he was," adds the homeowner.

Ross watched the surveillance video on his cell phone. It shows the man running all over the house.

"As I'm driving here I'm talking to the 911 operator and I'm saying he just went into the garage," says Ross, "She says "How do you know? Are you on the scene?" I said nope I'm watching it on the camera as I'm talking to you."

Ross says the guy spent a lot of time in the house. He tried to steal electronics and some other odd stuff, like roses' white T-shirts, socks and shaving tools. However, the thief eventually noticed police were outside.

"He charges down the hallway, slides open the front window, kicks out the screen and jumps out to the one officer who stayed out front, with the gun pointed at his head, yelling for him to get down," recounts Ross, "That's when he started crying, really crying."

The video shows police running through the house and into the front yard. Ross says he's happy that his love of technology brightened up what could have been a very bad day.

Visalia Police say the man in the surveillance video is Jimmy Martinez. Police say he is on probation for residential burglary. Martinez is in the Tulare County Jail.