Visalia Family's Christmas Presents Stolen From Their Porch

When Jessica Estermann was searching for presents for her children online she found a deal that she couldn't pass up.

A Visalia family says their Christmas presents were stolen from their porch. The family says they want to warn others that are having packages delivered to be careful.

"I was so excited about the great deal," says Estermann, "Buying both laptops, because my son is learning how to use PowerPoint."

Estermann, who is deaf, told KMPH Fox 26 through her translator that her confirmation email said the laptops would be delivered between December 9th and the 11th. However, the presents arrived a week early.

"It said it arrived Monday at 11:28am and was left at the door. I'm always home all day, but I wasn't home that day."

Unfortunately, Estermann was at the vet with her foster dog who was sick. She says she never received an email saying that the laptops were on their way.

"When I got home I had no idea until the next day when I got a notification saying that it was delivered yesterday," adds Estermann.

The Visalia mom had to tell her kids what was going on, which ruined the surprise.

"I couldn't hide it any longer, so I had to tell them," says Estermann, "They were like "Oh cool, we're getting laptops." "Then they asked "Why can't the police bring them back to us?"

Police are warning people to beware of thieves stealing packages sitting on front porches. Estermann says you should take those warnings seriously.

"If you ever order something online make sure that you're home," she says.

Estermann did file a police report with the Visalia Police Department. She's waiting to hear what they can do. In the meantime Estermann is going to re-buy the laptops, but Wal-Mart will not give her the Black Friday price.

You can make arrangements to pick-up your packages or have a signature required when they're delivered. Click here for Fed-Ex and here for UPS.